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Human Identified Standard High Aptitude Brain (HISHAB) Testing is probably the most comprehensive of aptitude tests. HISHAB Testing taps into various aspects of a person’s mental ability. It is a way for the examiner to tell if the person he/she is testing is up for the task or not. Please feel free to examine our Aptitude Testing Methods.

Testing Navy Airforce

Welcome - An Example

What Colors Do You See?

Take a look at the photo below. Everyone will likely see flowers (although a few special people will see a bush, and a special fewer will see a road-side garden), but what color do you see in the flowers? 


an image

What We Do

  • Test Mental Ability
  • Use Multi-Testing Services to Identify Qualified Personnel
  • Develop Improved Intelligence Quotient Tests
  • Improve on Aptitude Testing


HisHab Testing no long is currently accepting applicants for our testing as we are refining our process. However, we hope that future versions of these tests will provide excellent information for our clients, and help boost performance of employees.

Hishab For Restaurants

Our testing methods for restaurant employees can help increase customer service levels, improve sales ticket compliance, track reciepts, and test the reservation systems. 

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